Behind the scenes in any good company are the people that make it run. At Keystone Trailer Services we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff in all of the departments from top to bottom. Our experience and poise will help you have a hassle-free service relationship. Feel free to contact anyone below that may be specific to your requests.

Nick Hauck


Emerson Hauck

Logistics Manager
Brian Christensen

Brian Christensen

Operations Manager
Jill Galusky

Jill Galusky

Office Manager

Alicia Hlubb

Executive Assistant

Chad Pickard

Shop Manager

Shawn Parks

Road Service Manager

Chris Cain

Parts Manager

Elle Ditzenberger


Logan Carichner

Project Manager

Mike Calhoun

Parts Specialist

Our Core Values

1. Family
2. Honesty
3. Respect
4. Commitment
5. Team
6. Community
7. Accountability
8. Humility

Our Vision

To be the premier resource for America's trailer maintenance needs through continuously fostering the Keystone Way.