General Repair

We cover repairs on just about any part of your truck from air conditioning, alternators, starters, electrical work, batteries, fuel systems, filters, radiators, and cooling for diesel & gas engines. This covers state & DOT inspections.

Brakes & Suspension

System diagnostics & replacement for truck brakes, springs, and all suspension components.

Transmissions & Clutch

Keeping your transmission in top condition is more than just repairs and servicing. KTS provides the following services that will keep you running smoothly: Suspension, Federal & State Inspections, Air Systems and Hydraulics, performing Clutch Adjustments, Clutch Replacements, U-Joints, & Swing/Replacement Transmissions.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Here at KTS we provide a Preventative Maintenance Program that includes Engines Services, Chassis Grease Coolant Flushing, Oil Changes, Fuel Filters, Coolant Hoses, Belts, & A/C Service.